Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just Recieved a Gemini CDT-05 for Review on DJbooth.net!

Wussup everybody! I am on my grind once again on DJbooth.net...well, so is the whole damn team (shout-outs to my team Spiff, DMStock, and chi-city Z for workin your asses off to make the site as crazy as it is)!!! We are killing it right now with the site numbers, but that's a whole other post... I just recieved the Gemini CDT-05 which is the FIRST hybrid turntable/tabletop CD player on the market. This thing plays Vinyl AND CD's as you control them using the vinyl on top. This thing is Bananas...I will be reviewing this piece on the site very soon, so make sure you hit it up sometime. www.djbooth.net

Right out of the box this thing is built with quality in mind. It is very sturdy and heavy. It is very easy to assemble and it hooks up just like any other device to a mixer. The motor on the turntable is very strong...stronger than a tech 1200, but I'll get to that in the review....Until then, here are some pics straight out of the box:

Monday, October 23, 2006


Wussup everybody... You may recognize the pictrure from my post last year November 17th when I first bought my new HDTV....Well, I was just looking at the main piece in my entertainment center (no, not the xbox 360 or the HD DVR box), the AKAI PT4799HD 47-inch Rear Projection HDTV. I decided to read up on it a little bit and found out that they are in fact made by Samsung (The king of HDTV in my opinion). To order parts for the TV, you also have to go straight to Samsung because it is the same parts they use in their branded TV's. It's pretty satisfying to know that you have a TV that is of such good quality even when you bought one for brand new for far less than its more expensively badged counterpart. I am enjoying the 1080i HDTV capabilities and all the splender it provides me therein... I also have the RCA 600watt wireless 5.1 Surround sound hooked up on there and the next generation XBOX 360 gaming experience to boot. It doesn't get much better than that...Peace...Oh yeah, if you don't have an HDTV yet....GO GET ONE and see the difference and get a digital surround sound system while you're at it!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Flavor of Love Season 2 Finale!!!

Last night was the Flavor of Love Season 2 Finale, and it was pretty good for me right until the end. The 2 finalists were New York (who was also a finalist last season) and Deelishis. I also brought you the results of last year's Flavor of Love season 1 and I was upset that he didn't choose New York, because she is the only chick that I know really loves him. When the other chick Hoopz won last season, she immediately left Favor Flav after the cameras stopped rolling. Now once again...I am upset at the outcome of the season Finale. He once again went against his heart and chose the girl who was slightly prettier with the fatter ass...Deelishis. I know for a fact that this chick isn't going to stay with him for long at all. Just today on the radio, she was saying that she is not "in love with him" but "has love for him". What kinda shit is that? New York was so pissed at the outcome that she started yelling at Flav, and screaming "FUCK YOU" to him at the top of her lungs. I really, really like Flav a lot, but he has made yet another terrible mistake. His obvious soul mate is New York, with her wild ways and swagger....She is just like the female version of him. Flavor Flav is my boy, but once again he made a bad decision....Below is a pic of the winner.... I am not a hater, so Congrats to Deelishis for winning, but she still isn't the right chick for him...not as good as New York would have been. I bet any amount of money that there will be a Flavor of Love Season 3, cuz she will be gone just like Hoopz did last year....Peace!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Scarface Game for XBOX is da BOMB!!!!

Wussup everyone! I told you guys about 10 months ago that Scarface was actually going to come to a game system near you! And well, last week it finally came out! This game is sick! There are many real actors doing voices in the game and it is based right in Miami. It starts out where the movie leaves off...but this time, instead of the guy hitting you in the back with the double barrel shotty, you get to turn around and blast him and blast all of his army that he brought with him! You have to start from the ground up and make new deals on the side and eventually get your mansion back and get your revenge on Alejandro Sosa! You have to buy storefronts to set up your coke operations and take over the rival gangs of the DIAZ BROTHERS and GASPER GOMEZ! This game absolutely follows everything from the movie right down to the cars and clubs. It is really a continuation of the movie. It lets you know what happens to his wife and his mother, but I won't tell any spoilers here...Just go get the game if you have a PS2 or Xbox! I give the game a 8.5/10.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

7 Foot Heavyweight Champ Nikolai Valuev KO's Monte Barrett!

The 7 foot Russian WBA Heavyweight Champion Nikolai Valuev (left) beat up on Monte Barrett (right) for 10 rounds until the fight was stopped by Barrett's trainer. It was very weird watching a 7 foot giant fight a normal sized man. It was just too hard for Barrett to get in any good hits whatsoever...He got knocked down numerous times in the fight, but he also got in some hard shots. This fight was promoted by Don King and the fight was actually pretty good, and I couldn't argue with the decision. I would like to see more of the 7 foot World Champion and see how he would do against better opponents like Klitschko, James Toney, Samuel Peter, and others....Congrats!

Diego Corrales Gets Upset by Joel Casamayor!

You may remember the last time Diego "chico" Corrales was supposed to step in the ring, but his opponent came in about 5lbs over the weight limit...Well, this time it was Diego who was overweight about 5lbs. So his title was stripped even before the fight began. They agreed to have the fight anyway. Well, the fight between Joel Casamayor (top) and Diego Corrales (bottom) went the full 12 rounds and it was a very close fight, so anyone could have won. The fight was pretty good and was free on showtime free weekend. It was a lot of action, but it just felt that Diego Corrales had the upper hand. I personally saw the fight for Diego Corrales, especially considering he scored the only knockdown in the fight, putting Joel onto the canvas but it seems that in 2006 every fight is fixed! It almost makes me no longer a fan of the sport, but I just love boxing! Oh well, maybe next time Corrales can be a true professional and come in at the appropriate weight and just maybe he will win once again...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Wussup everybody! I told ya I was back on my grind. I just completed the review for the RANE TTM-56. For those people who don't know...this mixer is regarded as one of the best mixers in the business. Most of the professionals will LIVE and DIE by this mixer. Go check out my review at the following link:


Also, Stick around the site and play some new exclusive tracks and check out the newest in Hip-hop news.

Leave a comment and let me know what you guys think!!!! Peace...

Test Drive Unlimited For XBOX 360!!!!

Wussup everybody! I haven't updated my blog in a while, so for the most part, I have been sitting on my ass, playing games and watching TV. I have also been Reviewing DJ gear for DJbooth.net and all that good stuff....But what has been taking up most of my time lately is this new game from ATARI called Test Drive Unlimited. This game is AMAZING! First off, you get to choose from hundreds of available cars. Now, all these cars are re-made with awsome accuracy. From the stitches in the interior, to the colors that are available in that particular car. The game is set in Hawaii as well....Not fake Hawaii either....the real one. The whole map of one of the Hawaiian islands is your playground. The whole area is actually powered by google maps. Never before have I played a game that was THIS BIG! It is a huge world. But don't worry, because anyone else who plays the game will be in this same big world as you! That's right, even when you are playing the single player game, you will still see random people driving around, setting up car clubs, racing, or just building up mileage on their cars. You also have to earn money to buy cars, hook the cars up, and also BUY REAL-ESTATE. Right now, I have over 56 cars and 15 houses and of course I got maaaaad threadz! This Game is so good and addicting. You also have to make your own character from the ground up. You get to go clothes shopping as well, so you can make your guy/gal look pimped out! Head on over to the Ecko store and cop some new threads! Well, here are a few screenshots for the game....Hit me up online if you got it! Peace...
For more pics, videos, and information on TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED Video Game for XBOX 360, just visit the following link: