Sunday, September 10, 2006


As you all know...I am the official Gear Reviewer/site Content Manager of the Equipment Section of
One of the perks of this position is that I get to test out all the new DJ goodness free of charge! What more can a DJ ask for. Well, this is my second product and once again, the manufacturer has done me right and sent out a brand new unit for the review. Much love to my people over at RANE for this quick turn-around and customer service! I have used this mixer before but this one has a new faceplate and it is BRAND NEW! The Rane TTM-56 is also known as the ABSOLUTE BEST mixer you can get with 2-channels. It is very expensive and this is one of the reasons that I must sadly give this mixer back....But I still have my hot Stanton SA-5 which is still like new, but the Rane TTM-56 is a beast! My review will be up on the site within the next 2 weeks and I will be sure to make a post here so everyone knows. Here are the pics...FRESH OUT OF THE BOX!!!

Finally Got a Home Theater System to go with the HDTV!

Well guys...It's about time I finally shelled out enough money to get a wireless home theater speaker system. To start out with, in case you guys didn't already know...I bought a 48" LCD HDTV (projection screen...not a flat) to go in the livingroom along with the XBOX 360 as my main focus peice which I use as a DVD player and MP3 player as well. I also have the DVR box with absolutely all the channels that are available (remember, I work for the cable company as a deployment engineer so it's free!). With all that, something was definitely missing and I didn't even think it was that much of a big deal. I thought the sound would be better with a home theater system, BUT NOT THIS GOOD! If you are serious about movies or video games and you already have that big screen or HDTV, go ahead and spend $300+ to get yourself a nice sound system with subwoofer. You will absolutely get lost in your entertainment experience. It makes everything so much better. This is the model I just purchased:

RCA RTD218 500-Watt Home Theater System

Channels 5.1
Speakers Configuration Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 Khz
Digital Surround (DTS)
Surround Sound
Speaker Size Setting
Test Tone Signal
Electronic Treble Control
Electronic Bass Control
Volume Control: Rotary
Speakers Power Rating Total Watts / THD 10%: 500W @ 6 Ohms, 10%
Main Left / Right Output Power: 2 x 75W
Center Output Power: 125W
Left / Right Rear Output Power: 2 x 50W
Subwoofer Output Power: 125W
FM/AM Tuner Stereo Tuner: Digital AM/FM
Preset Stations: 40
Input Audio In: 2
Output Video Out:1
Main Speakers: Clip
Surround Speakers: Clip
Stereo Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
Component Video Out: 1
S-Video Out: 1
I had to purchase a wireless system because I did not want to run wires across the floor or ceiling to get the rear speakers to work. This system works flawless and nothing interferes with the signal at all. I am very satisfied with this product. It seems that a 500watt system is MORE than enough for the space I am in and it really rumbles. A similar sized system would probably do most people justice unless you live in a mansion...Watching movies and rockin the games are a totally different and WAAAAAYYY better experience...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Gamers: Still Rockin the PSP (Playstation Portable)

Wussup everyone! I haven't been talking that much about it lately, but YES, I am still rocking my PSP. I actually had to buy two of these machines because my girlfriend wouldn't let me get just one, (see-ing how she too is a hardcore gamer). But anyway, we have a total of about 50 games because we freely download All of the games and play them through the memory card. So any game new or old that we actually want for the system, all we gotta do is go to a bit torrent search engine and type in the game that you want, and sit back and wait for it to download. Then you just use a hacker program to play the games. Its really quite simple. It is very fun and the screen is one of the best I have ever seen on a handheld device. The graphics for the PSP is just like a miniature PS2. You can also play music and full movies on the PSP's memory stick. Just transfer your video files onto the PSP and you are ready to watch anything that you can watch on your computer...oh yeah, that means porn too (if that's your thing).
Notable Games:
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Tekken: Ressurection
WRC: Rally Championship
Outrun 2006
Syphon Filter
Madden 2007
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Fight Night Round 3
50 Cent: Bulletproof
SSX on tour
Ridge Racer
Many many more to come...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

BULLLLLSHIT!!! Samuel Peters Wins a Split Decision over James Toney!

OK...don't get me wrong here, I like both of these fighters, but I do like James Toney a little better. But the fight went the distance and James Toney proved round after round that he was one of the best fighters out there. He was dodging most of the punches thrown his way and also showed that he could take Samuel Peter's best punches. Samuel Peter did win some rounds, but not enough at all in my eyes, or the announcers eyes. Also the 3 press side scoring judges for Showtime also saw the fight as a decision for James Toney. And the 2 of the 3 judges that did score it for Peter had a HUGE margin of victory. I am just shocked right now and I can't believe this has happened once again to one of the best boxers in the business and it is really starting to tarnish the sport I care so much about. That's Life....but this sux for my boy James Toney...

DJBOOTH.NET Reaches #1 on and Search Engines!!!

Wussup Everybody! As you all know I am 1/4 owner of the hot site
On this site we have Equipment Reviews, Full audio Artist interviews done by DJBOOTH.NET's very own DJ Z of a Radio Station in Chicago. We also have many exclusive singles and other hot hits on the site. We have just reached the #1 spot on and search engines for DJ EQUIPMENT REVIEWS. This is an awsome fate and it took a lot of hard work from our team of 4. We all kicked ass! We are also listed as #3 on Google searches...So stay tuned, because soon we will be #1 there too! If you haven't done so already, go check out and see for yourself why we are the best out there! Peace!

BIG FIGHT TONIGHT! James Toney vs. Samuel Peter

This is a very interesting one! If you guys have showtime, then this fight is free for you. It could have easily made millions of bucks as a Pay Per View fight, but this is one of those rare chances you get to see a fight this promising for free. Tonight at 10PM, Samuel Peter (Nigerian Nightmare) will fight James "lights out" Toney in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I am a big fan of both fighters, but if I had to choose one of them it would be James Toney. James Toney has been boxing for years and he is now 38 years old, but a young 38. He has won major titles in many different weight classes, but now he is a Great Heavyweight boxer looking for a chance at getting the title. He is a great all around boxer and has some serious skill and natural defense talent. On the other hand you have Samuel Peter who is a headhunter. Probably the most dangerous heavyweight boxer out there right now. He is fast and has some SERIOUS Knockout power...almost reminiscent of MikeTyson in his prime. He is not a great boxer but a great puncher...and he is only 25 to boot! The both have been calling each other names and shit all throughout the promotion of this fight. James Toney even told Samuel to "go back to Africa, you fucking immigrant", and even make clucking noises with his mouth to act out an African Language...I can't wait to see what happens tonght! Good luck to both men....I will be back later with the results! Peace!

Just Picked up SAINTS ROW for XBOX 360!

Hey everyone! I been on my gaming GRIND lately as you all can see...I just picked up my third game in 3 weeks and I am loving every minute of it all. This new game I purchased is called Saints Row and it is a game about rival gangs, money, hoes, drugs, cars, da hood, and everything else in between. It is pretty much just like Grand Theft Auto but with better graphics. In this game you get to create your own character and take on the city with your own customized gansta. The environment is completely free roming (meaning you can go anywhere and react with almost anything). There are missions to do in order to gain rank inside your gang and also get money, but there are many side missions to do in any order or at any time you want. Total freedom. There is also an online area where you can team up with your boys and kick some other gang's ass! That is the sickest feature of this game...Imagine riding around with your buddies, then all of a sudden one of you pops out of the passenger side window and starts bussin cap's at them mark ass Bustaz! HOT SHIT! Peace...