Saturday, September 02, 2006

BULLLLLSHIT!!! Samuel Peters Wins a Split Decision over James Toney!

OK...don't get me wrong here, I like both of these fighters, but I do like James Toney a little better. But the fight went the distance and James Toney proved round after round that he was one of the best fighters out there. He was dodging most of the punches thrown his way and also showed that he could take Samuel Peter's best punches. Samuel Peter did win some rounds, but not enough at all in my eyes, or the announcers eyes. Also the 3 press side scoring judges for Showtime also saw the fight as a decision for James Toney. And the 2 of the 3 judges that did score it for Peter had a HUGE margin of victory. I am just shocked right now and I can't believe this has happened once again to one of the best boxers in the business and it is really starting to tarnish the sport I care so much about. That's Life....but this sux for my boy James Toney...


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