Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Boxing News...

In recent boxing news...My favorite boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (right) will be squaring off with Carlos Baldomir (left; the guy who beat Zab Judah and Auturo Gatti last month). The Fight is scheduled for November 4th in Las Vegas, but I definitely will be ordering this one.

The other fight that is about to go down is the James Toney (left) vs Samuel Peter (right) on September 2nd. I honestly don't know who is going to win this fight. It is the classical battle between young hard hitting Peter and the technically savy but older Toney. It all depends who wants it more here. It could go either way. This one is free on HBO, so set your DVR's and Tivo's!

In other boxing news, Hasim Rahman got knocked out by Maskaev once again to lose the heavyweight championship belt. What a Bum!!! I always thought Rahman was a sucker...The pic just proves my point...


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