Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jermaine Taylor Winky Wright Fight Ends In A DRAW!

Another great fight of the year was all a wash with a Draw decision! This is about the 3rd time this year a major title-fight has ended in a draw. The fight was really action packed as challenger Winky Wright (right) put pressure on Jermaine Taylor (left) through the entire night and I thought he did enough to ensure a victory. This was really a back and forth fight that was Very, Very technical. I was sitting on the couch watching this TV in High Def on the 48" screen and All I could do is squint to study what both of them was trying to do. This is the first time I wasn't really excited during the fight, but concentrating on the entire experience. Taylor threw a lot of punches but landed in only the 20 percent range. Wright was pretty much blocking everything! He may have the best defense ever seen in boxing. Wright landed more punches and threw less punches and had a 30-something connect percentage. Even if Wright did win, it would have to only be by 2 rounds maximum. It was a hard-fought close match, but Wright dictated the pace. At least this fight was free on HBO, but I have a funny feeling that the rematch will be on Pay-Per-View...most definitely.


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