Sunday, April 30, 2006


=Wussup peeps! I am now apart of another DJ promotional group called Gekrecords...We are DJ's from the US who shares the same passion and skill for what we love. The website is below:

My first and foremost family in the DJ scene is still the notorious Team! It is 6 of us in total and I have 2 people on my team that do Gear reviews along with me. We have everything from the Top music charts, to Full Streaming Audio Aritist Interviews (By DJ Z of a Chicago Radio Station on our team) and DJ Gear information and Reviews by DBLAZE, DJ ENU, and DJ TERMINAL. That website is located here:

The Promotional Group that I now work for is the people who I do parties for. They do everything form Celeb Car shows to all the hot nightclubs in Philly and Detroit. I am one of their 6 DJ's and I will be performing at many events in the Philly area. Thier Website is here:

Be sure to support DBLAZE (me) and visit all of my affiliation websites! Peace!


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