Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wuzzup Peoplez! A few updates for you!

Wuzzup everyone! I am up to my usual shananagains! (I know I murdered that spelling...) Anyway, I have been DJ-ing my ass off lately and I have just recieved my first official Piece of Review Gear from Numark! I recieved a brand new Numark DXM-PRO battle mixer pictured below:I must say that this mixer has surprised me very much! I didn't think this mixer was going to be this good, but it is highly recommended by me anyway....I will provide my full review soon at

As for other things I have been doing lately; It's all gaming, gaming, gaming (and watching classic DVD's). I just purchased the 3 games for XBOX360 that are pictured above. They are Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter (combat simulation), Condemned (Police Detective/horror game), and Project Gotham Racing 3 (racing simulation). Ever since I was about 4 I have been gaming, since vectrex, colecovision....I can't get it out of my system...


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