Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hello everyone! Besides my regular 9-5 job (that I actually still LOVE), I have taken on another venture...Everyone knows that I am a serious DJ and very serious about my art. Well, someone from a very informative DJ resource site also thinks so! I am now one of the two Official Gear Reviewers for www.djbooth.net!
My position allows me to use and review the latest DJ gear to hit the streets and post my reviews right on the site to which thousands of users belong! This is an awsome position. I get sent gear from the top Vendors such as Numark, Vestax, and Stanton just to name a few. I will be allowed 60 days to review the gear and send it back to the vendors. Please check the site to see my work, or look below for My review links!

much more reviews to come...stay tuned...

Also, In my DJ world...I was just contacted by a HUGE hip-hop Promoter in the Philly area. His events are EVERY weekend in the philly area and they are well-known. He also has a website that you can go to to see all the pictures from his weekly events. There are even of celebrities (such as Allen Iverson, Beanie Siegel, and other philly Hip-Hop Icons) who have attended his events! Here is his website: http://www.hiphop2nite.com/
We spoke on the phone for about 40 minutes about all sorts of stuff and we immediately clicked! He is about to set me up with one of his weekly spots...This is great news and I will let you guys know more as soon as I know more. My DJ future is certainly starting to look bright!


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congrats!! Sounds like things are going very well for you!

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