Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Since the last time I gave you guys boxing info....a lot has happened. First off...There is finally a scheduled fight in the Heavyweight division between Hasim Rahman (right) and James Toney (left)! Rahman is noted as the #1 heavyweight right now as he won the title from Klitschko who Retired...So Rahman got the belt by default. James Toney is the MAN (and my personal favorite in the Heavyweight Division) and I see him knocking Rahman out sometime during that fight or at least easily taking the Decision!


The other crazy thing that happened in boxing is that Zab Judah (the undisputed Welterweight Champion) lost 2 of his belts to a no-name boxer named Baldomir(you can see him getting rocked in the picture by Baldomir). Since the loss...It was cleared up that Zab Judah would keep one belt, Baldomir would keep the belt he paid for (that he won from Judah), and the last of the three belts became vacant (Which Arturo Gatti Just won last Saturday night). So Zab Judah will still be facing Floyd Mayweather (my favorite boxer of this current time pictured above) with his championship belt on the line.

Super Middleweight:

Jeff Lacy (Left) and Joe Calzaghe (Right) will finally be fighting to see who is going to be the #1 Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion and own all 3 belts!!! Jeff Lacy is a knockout king, but Joe Calzaghe is proven with 17 title defenses. The fight will take place March 4th. I can almost garuntee a Jeff Lacy Victory!!!


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