Sunday, November 27, 2005

Finally Got Enough Money to get the Next CD Turntable

Hello Everyone! As you all know, I just got enough money to purchase one of those Technics 1200 Digital Turntable. Well, before I even got the other one in the mail, I ordered the second one. Those things are $900 each!!! Ouch! Well, I finally got them and they are coming in on Wednesday! I can't wait! Well, for now...If you guys wanna see these things in action:


These things are truly amazing and now I can get back to my True passion in life (for 12 years now)...DJing! I also recieved my XBOX360 and my 47 inch LCD HDTV projection screen! I guess I have been blessed recently! I now have all the toys I could ever want. Holla back at ya boy...Doin big things tryin to move up!!! I will definitely post pics of my DJ setup as soon as I recieve them, so stay tuned! Also, more free files coming up soon as well!


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