Thursday, November 17, 2005


Hello everybody! This is your boy again bringing you the new electronic stuff in my life that you might or might not want to hear about. But If you are reading this and you are here, then you do! So here it is!

The first item I purchased is the Technics SL-DZ1200 Which is a digital CD Turntable. If you don't know...I have been a DJ for about 12 years now, but I tapered off because I couldn't keep up with buying Vinyl Records. So I traded in my 2 turntables for 1 digital turntable. These things are $800 a piece so I could only get one for now. You slide the CD in the front of the unit and the turtable on top is where you do the scratching and everything. It is hot...Here is the breakdown:

The Technics SL-DZ1200, the world’s first Direct-Drive Digital Turntable, looks—and more importantly feels—like spinning wax on a classic 1200. The distinctive slip surface on the 10" platter lets you spin, scratch, break, and otherwise work a track in a number of formats, including CD, MP3 and AAC. Along with its realistic vinyl feel and classic direct drive, the SL-DZ1200 also lets you store, playback, scratch and loop sampled media from a removable SD memory card. About the size of a postage stamp, these cards store all your favorite samples, songs—even whole albums. And although they won't ever be able to replace vinyl, they're a whole heck of a lot easier to carry around than a crate of records.

The next Item I just purchased is an AKAI 47 Inch HDTV (Just in time for XBOX360). This TV is hot...with many inputs, Picture in Picture option and everything. It is nice (as you can see by the pictures). This model is actually made by Samsung, but it is under their other division named AKAI. The description is below:

Get ready to jump into the future with the Akai PT4799HD 47-inch projection TV that's HD-ready. It offers a translucent onscreen display (OSD) system, dual HDTV component-video inputs, progressive-scan DVD component input, and a 30-watt audio system designed by professionally renowned BBE.

It has a built-in 181-chanel NTSC tuner; you'll need a separate HDTV tuner to receive 1080i high-definition broadcasts. The PT4298HS offers dual-tuner picture-in-picture functionality, which allows you to view antenna inputs on both the main picture and subpicture simultaneously, with separate tuning control for each.

The 3D digital comb filter, considered the best comb filter available, separates colors and eliminates distortion to give you a razor-sharp picture with breathtaking clarity.


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