Saturday, October 29, 2005

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories FOR PSP!

T See...I told you guys this Playstation Portable system was powerful!!! I had to buy 2 copies of this game!!! Take a look at these Awsome Screen shots from The brand new Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The game is HUGE with all three of the Islands from GTA 3 for PS2. It is virtually the same game with new plot and main character. This game is unbelievable and is given a 9/10 by the most trusted game company IGN.

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This game has crazy features in it, including the ability to download your own songs directly to the PSP so that when you enter a vehicle, you will play your songs on the radio! This feature is supposed to block pirated tracks by only letting you get the music from a CD, but as long as you burn your tracks to a CD, you can put them on the PSP for this game! You can do things like take a train, car, motorcycle, bus, firetruck (to fight fires), cop car (to stop bad guys), ambulance (to save people), taxi cab (to make some quick loot), Garbage Truck (To clean up the city), and much more! You can also be a Car Salesman...very nifty. You can change your clothes to match your personality for the day. It is truly a work of art. Check out the Features and news and info about this game here.


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