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Hello once again people. I am gonna switch gears a little bit and let you guys know about the Boxing world right now. Right now...There is no true BIG STAR in the world of boxing. No one is exactly dominating the sport yet because the correct fights have yet to be set up to prove who is the best. For more information on the sport of boxing and to get the newest updates please visit the two following sites for DAY-TO-DAY updates!


In boxing there are about 12 different weight classes, so depending on your weight, you will be put into a class...Heavyweight (201lbs and up), Cruiserweight (200lbs), Light Heavyweight (175lbs), Super Middleweight (168lbs), Middleweight (160lbs), Junior Middleweight (154lbs), Welterweights (147lbs), Junior Welterweights (140lbs), Lightweights (135lbs) and on and on... Each division has about 3 different belts that you can win, so sometimes there is more than one champion per division.



Right now, he is killing everyone...His record is undefeated (34-0) and he fights lightening quick with fast and hard blows. I don't think anyone in his class or around his class can beat him! He has 1 of the 3 belts in his division. He only needs to get the other 2 from Ricky Hatton (fake champ) and he will be set...

2. James "Lights Out" Toney (HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS)

James Toney has been boxing for like 15 years. His overall career record is an amazing (69-4-2). He was once a middleweight with all the belts in that class, but has slowly moved up in weight and now he is a serious heavyweight contender. He has beaten all heavyweights that have faced him and beat them EASILY. He is a very good boxer to watch and he is all about SHOWTIME!!! He likes to dazzle the crowd with his antics. He looks fat and sluggish, but he has fast hands of lightening! He has potential to win it all. Right now he only has a Ring Magazine Championship Belt, but he will get the other 3 soon!!!

3. Lamon Brewster (HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS)

Lamon Brewster (33-2) is now one of the Heavyweight Champions of the world. He can knock you out really, really quickly, as he has done to Gollatta in a 53 second fight where he knocked him down 3 times... Very good and solid fighter. He can defeat anyone they put in front of him as well...maybe not James Toney...but who knows...(Don King should get that fight going!!!)

4. Ronald "Winky" Wright (MIDDLEWEIGHT CLASS)

Winky Wright is an absolutely brilliant fighter (49-3). His jab is accurate and deadly and his punches are dead on... I think he can beat anyone in the middleweight class including Jermaine Taylor and Bernard Hopkins. He is bar none an awsome fighter. If he was the champion in the middleweight class he could have easily been #1 or #2 on my list. The belts he is holding in the picture is from the Welterweight division. So he dominated that weight class and decided to move up to Middleweight for bigger money fights. He hasn't lost as a middleweight yet. We will see how it goes, but he is definitely one of the best right now.


Jeff Lacy is a GREAT fighter with an undefeated record of (20-0). I just saw him last Saturday demolish his opponent. They didn't even have a chance. He is now looking to Move up in Weight class to fight Antonio Tarver. He has one Super Middleweight belt and the other 2 belong to the person who is ducking him and doesn't want to fight him. He will probably be fighting for a Light Heavyweight Title agains Antonio Tarver soon. That will be a good fight...


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what about : Roy Jones Jr., Muhhamad Ali, Sugar Ray, Lennox Lewis....I respect your view but...I just think you need to open the horizon's:)

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