Saturday, January 28, 2006

Finally Used XBOX 360 and Got My DJ Equipment Squared Away!

Wussup everyone. I am back at it and I am gonna be hittin you up with more updates. So here we go with the thugacation!!! I finally opened up my XBOX360 even though I bought one back in September (Its a long story I don't feel like getting into); But finally it is here! See the Pictures of the Brand new Platinum Package Freshly Opened XBOX 360! It sure is sweet with the 47" HDTV(1080i). Can't get better than that!

I also finished up my DJ purchases. As I told you in my previous post; I finally recieved My Crown Amp and Custom Cerwin Vega 15" speakers. This thing sounds UNBELIEVABLE!!! It is the LOUDEST system I have ever heard in a house before. And my Amp was only turned up 1/4 of the way and my master output was only at 3/8 of the way!!!! Way more to go!!! I can't even test it in my apartment...
I also Just recieved my Fully-Adjustable/Foldable (but still Sturdy) Pro DJ stand and MY Pro Audio EQ (Nady GEQ-215).

My system has all balanced Outputs and Inputs which makes the sound quality second to none. No unwanted noises and feedback. Just pure sound! But you will pay good money for good equipment. So this will be my system for years to come:

(2) Technics SL-DZ1200 Digital CD turntables
(1) Stanton SK-6 Mixer with New Optical Focus Fader!
(2) Cerwin Vega Dual Voice Coil 15" Full Range Custom Speakers
(1) Crown 402A 800watt Amplifier
(1) Nady GEQ-215 Amplifier
(1) DJ Stand
secondary (if necessary):
(2) ZeuZ 15" Full range Speakers
(1) GLI GA-70 800watt Amplifier


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