Saturday, February 25, 2006

Still Spinnin' and Still Gamin!

What's up everybody. I havent updated you in a while. What's new with me is some more DJ Gear and a new Xbox 360 Game! They are taking up most of my time still and I may start doing some clubs and night spots in Philly soon. I'll keep you posted!

Anyway; I have just recieved my new mixer which is a Stanton SA-5 Professional Mixer. The reason for the upgrade was for better sound quality and better Faders. They also have a 3 band EQ which allows you to break the sound down better than only the 2 band EQ which I had in my old mixer. And I also Just purchased some cases for my gear as well. So when I want to transport it or if it is just sitting in the room it will be protected. Stuff costs to much to be careless and not protect it. Here are some Pictures:

I also just bought one of the best looking games i have ever seen. I purchased Fight Night Round 3 for Xbox360. It is an awome boxing game with many, many fighters!
Check out the screenshots below (this is truly the future of gaming!):


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