Sunday, March 19, 2006

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY (3/19/06)! Finally Reached 25!

Wussup my peoples! Thanks for checkin out my site for the past few months; and thanks if this is also your first visit! I just turned 25 about an hour and a half ago. I Still gotta keep fighting and scrapping my way up the ladders. It's pretty amazing that I made it this far. I finally moved out of my house at 24 and its been quite a journey from there. My brothers are all stepping their game up and doing their DJ thing as well. My parents are finally getting everything they deserved for years. My friends are all doing pretty well. My baby is doing the damn thing too. Well, enough with all this crazy talk....I just snapped a few pictures letting everyone know how you supposed to look in your PRIME (took these pics an hour ago on 3/19/06)! hahahaha....I just feel like I'm getting old, but I still look good! Peace! Drop me a birthday shout out on aim: kcj393


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