Tuesday, March 14, 2006

MORE BOXING NEWS!!! Zab Judah Talkin Smack to Mayweather!!!

Man! I am suped! The two fights that I am ready to watch are about to finally go down! After all the time I have been waiting, they are finally almost here! This Saturday night, in Atlantic City, NJ; The biggest Heavyweight Title Fight of 2006 is going down between WBC heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman (left) and challenger James Toney (right). Of course I am going to be down in Atlantic City this weekend Because it is my BIRTHDAY! I didn't get any tickets to the fight, but on fight night in Atlantic City, all of the casino's are going to be CRAZY! I will be at the Tropicana at the roulette table... watchin the fight on a big screen (if you need to find me!) Back to the fight! I hope my boy James Toney can beat Hasim! He definitely has the skill to win. For all you guys who can't make it to Atlantic City its going to be on regular cable the same night! Go check it out! Definitely worth it.

In other Fight news...My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOXER (and usually everyone else's) Floyd "pretty-boy" Mayweather (above) is about to fight welterweight champion Zab Judah (below), who is coming off of a crushing defeat by a journeyman. They are fighting April 8th. There is one problem though...for someone who just lost 2 of their 3 belts, he sure is talking a whole lot of shit to Mayweather (the pound for pound fight king!). He just released the following statement earlier today:
"I am at the bottom of the barrel and I know how to come out," said Judah. "This is the same boat as Cory Spinks. The second time around I had to fight him in his hometown to redeem myself."....."I am fighting Floyd in Vegas at the Thomas and Mack Center, and I am going to leave him on the ground in the Thomas and Mack."
He even went on record saying,
"I am letting the media know that this will probably be the easiest fight I have ever fought." When asked to elaborate, Judah gravely said, "I am just going to use my speed and dominate."....."Floyd is my motivation," he continued. "I am starting out fast. He is going to stand and trade with me and that will be the end of him."

I can't believe he actually is saying this!!! WOW! He is going to get dealt with big time. Too bad its going to be Pay Per View on HBO...(i'll have it though!)


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