Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mayweather Zab Judah Fight Was All That I Expected!!!

Well, sorry everyone for the late post on the biggest fight of the year...Zab Judah vs Floyd Mayweather. This was a fight for one of the Welterweight Title belts that belonged to Zab Judah. The fight took place Saturday night in Las Vegas. There was a heavy celebrity turnout and the fight was a damn good one with an obvious outcome.
Everyone was pretty sure that Mayweather was going to win this fight because he is still undefeated and regarded as the BEST boxer in the world! I also agree with that assumption. Well, the fight started off with Zab Judah surprising everyone! Zab Judah came out a bit faster and harder than Mayweather and took an early 2 round lead. In the second round...Zab Judah even hit Mayweather with a SUPER hard blow that actually made Mayweather's glove hit the ground to regain his balance. The referee didn't see this as a knockdown and thought it was a slip, but the replay clearly shows Mayweather's glove and knee hit the canvas for a split second. Oh, well...Mayweather regained his composure in rounds 3-12. He dominated the rest of the fight, so even if it was scored as a knockdown....Judah still would have lost anyway.
Mayweather Dominated so easily after he found Zab's weaknesses. In the 10th round, there was a scuffle in the ring as Zab Judah gave Mayweather an obvious low blow and a quick rabbit punch (that the ref didn't see again!!!) that made Mayweather's trainer and Uncle Roger Mayweather enter the ring and ran after Judah. It was Chaos in the ring! They regained all order and finished out the fight. In round 12, Mayweather was taunting Judah and pointing at his chin telling Judah to hit him, but of course, he couldn't! So Mayweather won the fight...but, everything is not said and done just yet!!!
Because Mayweather's uncle entered the ring, there is a possibility that he was supposed to be disqualified. After the Fight, Don King stepped into the ring demanding that Mayweather should be disqualified because someone from his camp entered the ring. Under the Nevada athletic commission; if anyone from a fighter's camp enters the ring, then that fighter is supposed to be automatically disqualified. So there is to be a hearing on Thursday April 13th to see who will be the ACTUAL winner of the fight. The money that both fighters was to be paid is being held until the completion of the hearing. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next!


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