Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sergei Liakhovich Just Won the Heavyweight Title from Lamon Brewster!

Well, yet again, I was watching more boxing as usual. Lamon Brewster (left) of my favorite heavyweights just lost his belt to Sergei Liakhovich (right). There are a total of 4 heavyweight title belts floating around and this was the fight for the WBO World Heavyweight Championship belt. I am so heated when I saw the loss; but it happens in boxing a whole lot lately. Lamon Brewster even knocked the guy down in the 7th round, but he still didn't do enough to win the fight. In the 9th round Lamon showed amazing heart when getting hit with multiple power shots against the ropes, refused to go down (below)!

Lamon was in trouble on many different occurances but stayed on his feet. They both fought very well and it was an EXCITING fight! Oh well...U know there is going to be a rematch!


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