Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend 2006!!!

Hey everybody! Today I had my first BBQ at my crib with wifey and everything was Chill! We set the grill up on the balcony overlooking the wooded area! It was hot. I think I am going to be Grillin from now till Winter!!! Anyways, we made some ribs, burgers, Chicken and hot-dogs! I am the man on the grill! Then, after a long day at work on the Barb-E, I just took it in the crib and got my spin on. Just chillin, wasting time, gettin my weight up and loving the fact that I dont have to go to work tomorrow!!! Thats what memorial day is all about!
Also, Barry Bonds Broke Babe Ruth Homerun record today, so everything is Really good!
And dont forget the troops!!! Peace...


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