Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Antonio Tarver Vs. Bernard Hopkins 6/10/06

Wuzzup Peoples! The fight game is back once again and Antonio Tarver (left) is putting all of his belts on the line against 40-something yr old Bernard Hopkins (right). For everyone who doesn't know...Bernard Hopkins is an all-time great middleweight boxer (154lbs) who recently lost 2 decision fights...his first losses in over 10yrs. Bernard says he will retire after this fight no matter if it is a win-lose-or-draw. Now, Antonio Tarver is the guy who knocked out Roy Jones Jr. and took his belts some time ago. Now he is trying to beat another master at work. Hopkins had to gain 20 pounds for this fight because it is going to be at 180 pounds instead of his usual 154 pounds. He is putting his whole legacy on the line by fighting Tarver. It's going to be excellent...Too bad most people will have to pay $50 to see it on Pay-Per-View, but thankfully...I work for the Comcast as an engineer, so mine will be Significantly lower... I'll definitely give you guys an update. Let's go Bernard Hopkins!!! Kick his ASS!!!!!


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