Saturday, September 02, 2006

Just Picked up SAINTS ROW for XBOX 360!

Hey everyone! I been on my gaming GRIND lately as you all can see...I just picked up my third game in 3 weeks and I am loving every minute of it all. This new game I purchased is called Saints Row and it is a game about rival gangs, money, hoes, drugs, cars, da hood, and everything else in between. It is pretty much just like Grand Theft Auto but with better graphics. In this game you get to create your own character and take on the city with your own customized gansta. The environment is completely free roming (meaning you can go anywhere and react with almost anything). There are missions to do in order to gain rank inside your gang and also get money, but there are many side missions to do in any order or at any time you want. Total freedom. There is also an online area where you can team up with your boys and kick some other gang's ass! That is the sickest feature of this game...Imagine riding around with your buddies, then all of a sudden one of you pops out of the passenger side window and starts bussin cap's at them mark ass Bustaz! HOT SHIT! Peace...


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