Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New XBOX 360 Games Acquired!

I just purchased some nice new games for the XBOX 360 that I will put you up on. I got the first game called Prey, where it puts you on an indian Reservation and you play as a native american who wants to leave the reservation badly. Well, all of a sudden his girl and family get sucked into a spaceship because the aliens have come back to earth to take over. Its really good and the story is non-stop action. Your job of course is to save the world.

The next game on the menu is an old favorite of mine called Hitman: Blood Money. In this game you play as a hitman for hire and you can take out your enemies in many different ways using many different weapons and techniques. You will have to keep it very professional to get paid properly and to make it so you don't blow your cover. Very good gaming experience here and definitely worth it! Once again my insignificant life is being wasted on video games. But I bet if you get an XBOX 360 and play it for 5 minutes...you too will be like me!


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