Saturday, September 02, 2006

BIG FIGHT TONIGHT! James Toney vs. Samuel Peter

This is a very interesting one! If you guys have showtime, then this fight is free for you. It could have easily made millions of bucks as a Pay Per View fight, but this is one of those rare chances you get to see a fight this promising for free. Tonight at 10PM, Samuel Peter (Nigerian Nightmare) will fight James "lights out" Toney in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I am a big fan of both fighters, but if I had to choose one of them it would be James Toney. James Toney has been boxing for years and he is now 38 years old, but a young 38. He has won major titles in many different weight classes, but now he is a Great Heavyweight boxer looking for a chance at getting the title. He is a great all around boxer and has some serious skill and natural defense talent. On the other hand you have Samuel Peter who is a headhunter. Probably the most dangerous heavyweight boxer out there right now. He is fast and has some SERIOUS Knockout power...almost reminiscent of MikeTyson in his prime. He is not a great boxer but a great puncher...and he is only 25 to boot! The both have been calling each other names and shit all throughout the promotion of this fight. James Toney even told Samuel to "go back to Africa, you fucking immigrant", and even make clucking noises with his mouth to act out an African Language...I can't wait to see what happens tonght! Good luck to both men....I will be back later with the results! Peace!


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