Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Finally bought a BMW 325 Coupe!!!!


Wussup everybody! Back in the day, when I was in about 7th grade, I fell deeply in love with a certain automobile. That car was the BMW 325 coupe. I wanted one so bad even as far as back then. I finally purchased a beautiful Dark-Green 325ci as pictured. This thing is super loaded with full cream leather interior, heated seats, and premium sound system... It looks almost identical to the picture minus the clear corner lights, which I also will be purchasing soon. I just thought this would be a good place to document yet another milestone in the life of DBLAZE! I just have to thank God and my family and wifey who really brought it all home for me. I couldn't have done anything without them, and I am just so grateful and thankful. The best part out of this whole ordeal is that I found out that I actually have decent credit! That is the icing on the cake right there!!! Oh well...I'll hit you guys up soon! Stay tuned for more hot shit! Peace...