Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hopkins Beats Winky Wright to Retain Light Heavyweight Championship!

This fight was held last weekend in Las Vegas. It was a decent fight all in all, and better than most people would have guessed. No one got really hurt throughout the fight, but winky suffered a headbutt gash above his right eye in the 2nd round. It bothered him through the rest of the fight. I do have one complaint with the fight and it is how Hopkins simply held for almost the entire fight. The referee should be in some serious trouble because he didn't deduct any points for this on-going offense. The holding was even blatant at times and simply in excess. By the end of the 11th round I had the whole fight tied up on my scorecard (one round I scored a tie 10-10). I thought that Hopkins definitely did enough to win the final round, so I would have given the fight to him as well. He won on all three judges scorecards by 116-112, 117-111, and 117-111. My scorecard (which was more realistic than the paid off judges in this fight) read 115-114 in favor of Hopkins...You can see the fight on demand on HBO if you have that good cable! Ya Dig!


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