Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You Know I still been Gaming!!!

Wussup everyone...If you thought that I was just having a good time with my car and watching boxing and gave up on Gaming, then think again! I still get it in every so often. The newest game I have is Guitar Hero II, where you actually use a guitar (supplied) to play the songs on the screen. You don't actually play it, but its kind of like a simon says thing where you must keep up with the color codes on the screen. It is HIGHLY addicting. I actually purchased another guitar so my babygirl can play bass for me in cooperative mode. This game is truly Awsome!

The other game that has been getting very little of my time is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2! The part 1 of this game I couldn't get enough of and I couldn't put it down. This game is as good, or possibly better than the first one, but I am just a little too busy to play it. I will start playing it again soon.....Maybe tonight, now that I think of it...It is a war game where you and 3 other soldiers take down terrorists. You are the leader and must give your teams orders in real time and kick some enemy ass. Really good graphics and definitely a solid title! Must buy for the war buffs.


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