Monday, March 19, 2007

Boxing News!!!

Wussup people! Back on the boxing grind! This is what's new in boxing right now by division:

In lightweight news - Barrera (left) vs. Marquez (right) was one of the best fights that went down all year! It was the little guys fighting, but these are probably the best Little guys in the world (also including Pacquio). These guys battled it out for 12 full rounds. Every round was really close, but on my scorecard, the score was the same for 2 of the judges, so the officiating was done Excellent in my opinion. But long story short, Marquez beat Barrera to the punch and threw the harder shots and this is why he won the decision. Many analysts had Barrera winning the fight, but I just think they wasn't watching the fight correctly....Just my opinion! Congrats Marquez!!!

In Middleweight News - Bernard Hopkins is gearing up for a fight with Winky Wright to take place in June! This is going to be a seriously great fight! Get your Pay-Per-View money ready! This one is definitely worth it! Also, Bernard Hopkins says he is passing the torch down to Edison "Pantera" Miranda (ABOVE) to hold the middleweights down when he retires! Edison Miranda is a BEAST! In my opinion, I think he is the Best Middleweight out there right now....PERIOD! Be on the lookout for Edison Miranda! He is a true knockout artist! He will never settle for a points win...he still goes for a knockout even when he is ahead on points!

In Welterweight News - Mayweather Jr vs. De La Hoya May 5th....Need I say more???

Also, Zab Judah is coming back to the ring, and if he wins his first fight...then he will have a chance at Miguel Cotto (undefeated welter-champ) in June!

Cruiserweight News(200lbs) - Jean Mormeck (right) and Oneil Bell (left) got it on with their second fight for the overall Cruiserweight World Championship. This time, Jean Mormeck got the best of Bell and was able to take the titles back. The fight was in France and many question the decision, as Mormeck is also from France. They will definitely have a they was about to fight at the post-fight press conference as seen in the pic below....You can even see Don King about to fall in the crowd! I'm ready for the third fight!!!

In Heavyweight News - Evander Holyfield kicked the crap out of whoever he was fighting this weekend! He was throwing solid, fast punches throughout the fight and looked rather IMPRESSIVE in his 3rd round TKO win! Even though the guy was a no-name fighter, Holyfield was looking really good kicking some ass!


Blogger TampaBayLawyer said...

The Winky v. Bhop fight is set for July 21, not June.

7:16 AM  
Blogger DBLAZE said...

You are absolutely right...the fight is for July 21st now!

2:23 PM  

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