Saturday, December 09, 2006

Winky Wright and Jermaine Taylor Both Win Their Fights!!!

In boxing news, last week, Winky Wright took on Ike Quartey. It was a decent fight, but Winky Wright outpointed Ike in each and every way. Ike didn't stand a chance as he was naturally the smaller man and was man-handled as you can see from the picture. Its just too bad that Winky doesn't even have enough power to knock Ike out after landing power shot after power shot, but it was still a masterful performance by Winky. I am just a little disappointed that it went the full twelve rounds. He rarely got hit as is always the case with his fights but he also has a great offense in the process. Wright says he wants to fight the winner of the Oscar De Lahoya-Floyd Mayweather Jr fight next, but I really think he should go after Jermaine Taylor next....

Jermaine Taylor just retained his Middleweight titles about 5 minutes ago against Kassim Ouma. It was an interesting fight, but again the size played a big difference here as Jermaine was able to over power Kassim even when his shots were blocked. Kassim lost pretty much every round, but again, Taylor wasn't able to knock his opponent out. It was still a good performance for him and Kassim just kept coming forward and looked as if he wasn't fazed by any of the power punches thrown his way. It was a lop-sided fight, but it was still entertaining...

See you guys next time for some more boxing news!


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