Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rainbow Six Vegas For XBOX 360!

Rainbow Six Vegas is a New game for Xbox 360 (also coming to PS3 ) which puts you right in the middle of a terrorist situation in Las Vegas! That's right! You get to hit up the casino's as a member of an elite SWAT 3-4 person team that must go in and re-capture the casino area from the terrorists. You have to do such things as clear entire areas, defuse bombs, and rescue hostages. If you are too slow, then you will fail, and if you are too fast, then you will die! It is a greatly balanced game and a good job in the developers department. The story is great and the graphics are even better. You can fully customize your character and even scan your face into the game as I did using the Xbox Live Vision camera. It actually puts your face onto the digital head that it compiles. You also get to select weaponry, armor type, colors, and a whole bunch more. These games just get better and better. I even play with my peoples online as we kick some terrorist ass! This game is definitely eating up my Saturdays!

For More information on this game go to and search for rainbow six vegas!!!


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