Sunday, November 12, 2006

The #1 Heavyweight Champ of the World Proves it Again Last Night!

That's right people, I am talking about the Heavyweight Champ with the most credibility to his name right now, Wladimir Klitschko! He just took out undefeated Calvin Brock Last night making his first title defense after capturing it from Chris Byrd last year. Klitschko and Brock were fighting pretty evenly after the first 4 rounds. Klitschko, the taller man was able to establish his jab throughout the fight, while Brock was connecting with some thumping body shots. In the 5th round we started to see fireworks as both men were landing shots but Klitschko's shots were doing the most damage as Brock had a cut over one eye and a welt under the other. Klitschko was accidentally headbutted in the round which made him speed up his delivery. In the seventh round it was all Klitschko as he threw straight right hands and started landing them at will until one hard right caught him perfectly and Brock fell to the canvas face first. He got up on an 8 count, but the ref called it off. Great fight and it was also free on showtime! So I guess we will just have to make due with only one US born Heavyweight champ right now...Shannon Briggs who captured a title last week...(see story below). There are a total of 4 heavyweight champs right now, but there will probably soon be unification matches in the near future to determine an undisputed Champ....Can't wait for the negotiations!


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