Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mayweather and Briggs Win World Champ Titles!!!

Yo, Yo, Yo!!! Its boxing time again and my favorite boxer Floyd Mayweather finally got his chance to take on the welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir, the Argentinian who beat Zab Judah and Gatti last year. I was watching HBO PPV boxing last night to see it all go down! Just like everyone expected, Floyd Mayweather Jr, beat the crap out of Baldomir for all 12 rounds. He never knocked him down, to the dissappointment of some fans, but he stunned him on several occasions and had Carlos missing and looking sloppy for the entire fight. It was very easy for Floyd to land at will and take the 3 Welterweight championship Belts that Baldomir sported into the ring. It was almost like Floyd was in the gym with a sparring partner. I don't think anyone can beat him! He is at the top of the Boxing World! In the post-fight press conference, Mayweather said he wanted to fight one more fight (mind you he is only 29 years old with a flawless 36-0 record) and retire for good. I don't think he will retire that early, but no matter what he does, he is one of the greatest of all time in my opinion!

In Heavyweight Action, which also went down last night, but on a Free Showtime Channel, we had Shannon Briggs of Brooklyn, NY taking on Sergei Liakhovich of the former Soviet Union. Sergei was the WBO Heavyweight champion (one of 4 recognized world champ belts) and was a slight favorite coming into the fight. The fight was pretty boring all the way up to the final 30 seconds of the final 12th round when Shannon Briggs turned on the heat and started unloading some seriously hard shots to the champs Head. Sergei hit the canvas and almost goes the ropes. He regained his composure and was able to stagger to his feet at about an 8 count. Briggs started to stalk him down and hit him with a HUGE right and knocked him clear through the ropes and onto the timer table! The ref called off the fight with only one second left to go. Shannon Briggs wins the upset victory and brings a Heavyweight title back the USA in historic fashion! Awsome Job...Also, Sergei was pretty much in control of the entire fight and if he could have stayed on his feet for the final round, even if he only suffered one knockdown, he would have still won the fight...Even if he could have gotten up after the second knockdown, he would have kept his belt on a draw!!! Oh well! Thank you BRIGGS!!!!


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