Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Scarface Game for XBOX is da BOMB!!!!

Wussup everyone! I told you guys about 10 months ago that Scarface was actually going to come to a game system near you! And well, last week it finally came out! This game is sick! There are many real actors doing voices in the game and it is based right in Miami. It starts out where the movie leaves off...but this time, instead of the guy hitting you in the back with the double barrel shotty, you get to turn around and blast him and blast all of his army that he brought with him! You have to start from the ground up and make new deals on the side and eventually get your mansion back and get your revenge on Alejandro Sosa! You have to buy storefronts to set up your coke operations and take over the rival gangs of the DIAZ BROTHERS and GASPER GOMEZ! This game absolutely follows everything from the movie right down to the cars and clubs. It is really a continuation of the movie. It lets you know what happens to his wife and his mother, but I won't tell any spoilers here...Just go get the game if you have a PS2 or Xbox! I give the game a 8.5/10.


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