Saturday, October 07, 2006

Diego Corrales Gets Upset by Joel Casamayor!

You may remember the last time Diego "chico" Corrales was supposed to step in the ring, but his opponent came in about 5lbs over the weight limit...Well, this time it was Diego who was overweight about 5lbs. So his title was stripped even before the fight began. They agreed to have the fight anyway. Well, the fight between Joel Casamayor (top) and Diego Corrales (bottom) went the full 12 rounds and it was a very close fight, so anyone could have won. The fight was pretty good and was free on showtime free weekend. It was a lot of action, but it just felt that Diego Corrales had the upper hand. I personally saw the fight for Diego Corrales, especially considering he scored the only knockdown in the fight, putting Joel onto the canvas but it seems that in 2006 every fight is fixed! It almost makes me no longer a fan of the sport, but I just love boxing! Oh well, maybe next time Corrales can be a true professional and come in at the appropriate weight and just maybe he will win once again...


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