Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited For XBOX 360!!!!

Wussup everybody! I haven't updated my blog in a while, so for the most part, I have been sitting on my ass, playing games and watching TV. I have also been Reviewing DJ gear for DJbooth.net and all that good stuff....But what has been taking up most of my time lately is this new game from ATARI called Test Drive Unlimited. This game is AMAZING! First off, you get to choose from hundreds of available cars. Now, all these cars are re-made with awsome accuracy. From the stitches in the interior, to the colors that are available in that particular car. The game is set in Hawaii as well....Not fake Hawaii either....the real one. The whole map of one of the Hawaiian islands is your playground. The whole area is actually powered by google maps. Never before have I played a game that was THIS BIG! It is a huge world. But don't worry, because anyone else who plays the game will be in this same big world as you! That's right, even when you are playing the single player game, you will still see random people driving around, setting up car clubs, racing, or just building up mileage on their cars. You also have to earn money to buy cars, hook the cars up, and also BUY REAL-ESTATE. Right now, I have over 56 cars and 15 houses and of course I got maaaaad threadz! This Game is so good and addicting. You also have to make your own character from the ground up. You get to go clothes shopping as well, so you can make your guy/gal look pimped out! Head on over to the Ecko store and cop some new threads! Well, here are a few screenshots for the game....Hit me up online if you got it! Peace...
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