Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just Recieved a Gemini CDT-05 for Review on DJbooth.net!

Wussup everybody! I am on my grind once again on DJbooth.net...well, so is the whole damn team (shout-outs to my team Spiff, DMStock, and chi-city Z for workin your asses off to make the site as crazy as it is)!!! We are killing it right now with the site numbers, but that's a whole other post... I just recieved the Gemini CDT-05 which is the FIRST hybrid turntable/tabletop CD player on the market. This thing plays Vinyl AND CD's as you control them using the vinyl on top. This thing is Bananas...I will be reviewing this piece on the site very soon, so make sure you hit it up sometime. www.djbooth.net

Right out of the box this thing is built with quality in mind. It is very sturdy and heavy. It is very easy to assemble and it hooks up just like any other device to a mixer. The motor on the turntable is very strong...stronger than a tech 1200, but I'll get to that in the review....Until then, here are some pics straight out of the box:


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