Monday, October 16, 2006

Flavor of Love Season 2 Finale!!!

Last night was the Flavor of Love Season 2 Finale, and it was pretty good for me right until the end. The 2 finalists were New York (who was also a finalist last season) and Deelishis. I also brought you the results of last year's Flavor of Love season 1 and I was upset that he didn't choose New York, because she is the only chick that I know really loves him. When the other chick Hoopz won last season, she immediately left Favor Flav after the cameras stopped rolling. Now once again...I am upset at the outcome of the season Finale. He once again went against his heart and chose the girl who was slightly prettier with the fatter ass...Deelishis. I know for a fact that this chick isn't going to stay with him for long at all. Just today on the radio, she was saying that she is not "in love with him" but "has love for him". What kinda shit is that? New York was so pissed at the outcome that she started yelling at Flav, and screaming "FUCK YOU" to him at the top of her lungs. I really, really like Flav a lot, but he has made yet another terrible mistake. His obvious soul mate is New York, with her wild ways and swagger....She is just like the female version of him. Flavor Flav is my boy, but once again he made a bad decision....Below is a pic of the winner.... I am not a hater, so Congrats to Deelishis for winning, but she still isn't the right chick for him...not as good as New York would have been. I bet any amount of money that there will be a Flavor of Love Season 3, cuz she will be gone just like Hoopz did last year....Peace!


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