Sunday, November 19, 2006


This weekend which is now sadly ending was a great one for the history of all gamers. The Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii finally launched after years of anticipation. Above, you will see all the 3 next-gen systems in all of their stunning glory. As I reported in the post below this one, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are so closely matched at this point that I do not see the need for me to purchase a PS3 just yet, as I already own an Xbox 360. You guys can scroll down and see the comparison videos for yourself. With that said, the wifey has talked me into getting a Nintendo Wii. We had the opportunity to play the Nintendo Wii yesterday at the New Gamestop that opened up right across the street from my apartment complex!!! It is awsome controlling the cars with the Wii-mote! Nice and simple and very enjoyable system. Here's what happed this weekend in Console Launches:


The PS3 Launch on 11/17/06 was INSANE! Many gamers lined up for a whole week just to get an opportunity to grab a PS3 on launch day. Many of the campers on line were robbed at gunpoint and one patron was even shot in the chest when he refused to give up his money. All that for a PS3...I sure hope he got one at least! But the story was the same all over the country. They only had about 100,000 PS3 for the entire country's launch, but Sony is trying to get another 400,000 units to the United States before the end of the year. I hope they can pull it off. Most people who bought a PS3 bought it just to put it up on ebay for sale where they are selling ON AVERAGE at $2,500! In Manhattan you can see the Sony Superstore had the CEO on hand to give out the first Sony PS3 to sell in the US!


The Nintendo Wii launch on 11/19/06 (today) is also a little crazy as you can see from the camping lines above at a local Walmart, but the turnout wasn't nearly as dangerous and disasterous as the PS3 Launch. Many people even said they were having "a good time" waiting with fellow Nintendo fans for the Wii to drop. Nintendo is the only Next-gen system on the market which will actually sell for a profit per system. They originally targeted the system price under $100, but now they see that they can make $250 per unit and make even more profits. The system is also relatively easy to produce which is why the Wii will sell more than the PS3 this holiday season. You can see the first Nintendo Wii in the United States was sold to this dude wearing a Nintendo Power Glove who was there for a wopping 9 days early waiting on line!!! The Wii seems to have sold out everywhere already, but if you really want one, I am sure you will be able to find one in time for the holiday. Just check out your Best-Buy, Circuit City, and Toys R Us because they will get replenished often. On a side note, Nintendo Wii is selling for an average $500 on ebay...


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