Monday, January 22, 2007


What's going on peoplez! I haven't wrote anything here in a while because I am truly a big kid again. I thought that maybe it was a video gaming phase I was going through and I would get over it any day now, but then I realized I have been playing video games since I was about 2 or 3. So, I guess you can say its just in my blood. But this new system by Nintendo is the REAL DEAL.

I thought that the Nintendo Wii was all a big that would surely fall to the more powerful and adult oriented PS3 and Xbox 360. Then there is the Wii-mote controller which claimed to be as easy to use as a common TV remote control. Nintendo has actually pulled it off this time. This control scheme is no gimick, and it is actually quite intuitive and right on the money! I am able to play the Wii-Sports game (included with the system!!!!) tennis, bowling, boxing, golf, and baseball all with the use of the bluetooth powered Wii-mote. It's so easy that your grandma can do it! Just get up and do the action that you need to do in the game (like hit the tennis ball back over the net). The Nintendo Wii retails for $249.99, but they have been sold out since before Christmas, so I decided to shell out $340 on ebay (shipping included). I look at it like this...after taxes you are up to $290, so I was willing to pay a mere $50 more just to get it early-and boy was it worth it.

This is one of the best things to happen in video games in a long time! I am not just saying this because of the is really worth it if you are a true gamer! You can also do like I did and cop the new Zelda to go along with won't be disappointed!!!


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my XBOX AND PS3 Cost more!

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