Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Throw some 19's on that B*tch!!!

Wussup my peoples...I just got some new 19" rims and tires put on the ride and it is lookin pretty sick at the moment...Heres a few pics for ya! Its a staggered setup meaning the rear rims are 9.5" wide (like a corvette) and the front rims are 8.5" wide... So far I am getting better traction and even better control (which I thought was impossible on a BMW coupe). Let me know what you guys think!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You Know I still been Gaming!!!

Wussup everyone...If you thought that I was just having a good time with my car and watching boxing and gave up on Gaming, then think again! I still get it in every so often. The newest game I have is Guitar Hero II, where you actually use a guitar (supplied) to play the songs on the screen. You don't actually play it, but its kind of like a simon says thing where you must keep up with the color codes on the screen. It is HIGHLY addicting. I actually purchased another guitar so my babygirl can play bass for me in cooperative mode. This game is truly Awsome!

The other game that has been getting very little of my time is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2! The part 1 of this game I couldn't get enough of and I couldn't put it down. This game is as good, or possibly better than the first one, but I am just a little too busy to play it. I will start playing it again soon.....Maybe tonight, now that I think of it...It is a war game where you and 3 other soldiers take down terrorists. You are the leader and must give your teams orders in real time and kick some enemy ass. Really good graphics and definitely a solid title! Must buy for the war buffs.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just purchased the 19" rims for the wip!!!

OK, so now that I got the BMW 325ci which I always wanted...I now have purchased some stunning 19" staggered rims to go on this beast. The rear wheels are 9.5" wide with a 3.5" chrome lip and the front weels are 8.5" wide with a 2.5" chrome lip. Here is a picture of them on a silver BMW coupe below (mine is metallic green) ...
So Now I play the 1 week waiting game before I can get them in the mail and mount them on the car....That's the only bad thing about ordering online...the shipping time....But the deal was WELL worth it...Will post pics as soon as I get them on! To see my current and newly added Mods to my car please visit the link below:

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boxer Diego 'Chico' Corrales Dies in Motorcycle Accident!!!

This is truly a sad day in boxing and a sad day for me as well. A great boxer Diego Corrales died last night on his motorcycle in Las Vegas near the strip. It is a shame and is definitely one of the reasons I will NEVER purchase a motorcycle. He was a very good champion and I spoke about it a great deal. When he won one of the best fights of all time, he didn't even speak on himself, but instead started speaking about Cancer Research and how people should donate and help find a cure. I was SHOCKED that a boxer who just won a serious championship fight could only think about others' serious problems. He was a great boxer and a great man...Here is the News article from the Chronical Journal:

Boxer Diego Corrales dies in motorcycle crash in Las Vegas at age 29

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Diego (Chico) Corrales, who won titles in two weight classes and won one of the most exciting boxing matches in recent years, died in a high-speed motorcycle crash. He was 29.

Corrales was riding a new motorcycle Monday evening when he ran into the back of a car while trying to pass at high speed on a busy residential street about 10 kilometres west of the Las Vegas Strip, police said Tuesday. Corrales was thrown from the motorcycle, which collided with an oncoming car, and pronounced dead at the scene of the 7:22 p.m. crash.

His promoter, Gary Shaw, said Corrales, whose career had faltered the past two years, recently bought a racing motorcycle and was riding it when he was killed.

"He fought recklessly and he lived recklessly," Shaw said. "That was his style."

Las Vegas police blamed speed and inexperience for the crash, saying it appeared Corrales did not have a valid Nevada driver’s or motorcycle license.

"We’re trying to calculate the speed," Sgt. Tracy McDonald said. "It appears he was well above the posted speed limit" of 35 m.p.h. (55 kilometres per hour).

McDonald said it will take about two weeks for investigators to receive results of drug and alcohol tests on Corrales, who was wearing a helmet.

A Florida man who was driving the oncoming car escaped injury and a 39-year-old Las Vegas woman driving the car that Corrales tried to pass reported a minor shoulder injury, McDonald said.

Corrales, who fought most of his career at 130 pounds, was a big puncher best known for getting up after two 10th-round knockdowns to stop Jose Luis Castillo on May 7, 2005, in what the Boxing Writers Association of America and numerous boxing publications called the fight of the year.

Corrales, though, was knocked out by Castillo in the rematch and then had three straight fights undermined at the weigh-in.

Castillo couldn’t make weight twice against Corrales, and the second time Corrales refused to fight him at the higher weight, costing himself a US$1.3 million payday. And then Corrales came in over the weight limit for his WBC 135-pound title defence against Joel Casamayor, and went on to lose the fight.

He lost his last three fights, including his final one April 7 against Joshua Clottey in Springfield, Mo. He had moved up two weight divisions to welterweight for that fight.

Corrales was born in Sacramento, Calif., and lived in Las Vegas in recent years. He won his first 33 fights and held a piece of the 130-pound title before he was stopped by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a unification fight in January 2001.

Corrales was sent to jail on a domestic abuse charge after that fight, and didn’t fight again for two years. He came back to fight a trilogy against Casamayor, losing two of the three fights, and split a pair of fights with Castillo.

"He always cared about the fans and gave them their money’s worth," Shaw said. "He was a true warrior. He was what boxing stood for, and what boxing is all about."

Monday, May 07, 2007

Some car Pics of my boy's VW and the Bimmer...

Well, me and my peeps are about to start a small car club because we are serious car enthusiasts and just have fun doing things with nice cars...so the choice was obvious. We are getting small graphics printed out for the windshield and we also have a 2003 CLK and another BMW coupe (like mine) about to join up. Here are our pics for now...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeats De La Hoya in Las Vegas!!!

Wussup Everybody! This was the Biggest fight in at least 6 years and was probably the most profitable fight in a long time. All the biggest stars turned out for this fight. Chances are if you can name a star, he/she was probably there to see it live in Las Vegas! This was the big one that I was personally waiting for. I waited a whole year for this and finally it was here, and everything that happened in the fight was exactly how I saw it going down...no lie!

The fight started with Mayweather (my favorite boxer) came into the ring along side (my favorite rapper) 50 cent rappin a new track. He came out dressed in Mexican colors and a big Mexican hat on top of his head, something that his uncle/trainer Roger Mayweather used to do back in his championship days when they called him the Mexican fighter killer. De la Hoya came out as usual to a mexican song and looking a little scared in my opinion.

Anyway, Mayweather started out pretty quickly and was using his classic style of hit and run...hit, hit, move away. It was working well in the first round. The second round is where De La Hoya proved he can let his hands go and be somewhat dominant with the jab. Mayweather scored decently in this round but the crowd was almost 90% De La Hoya fans, so anytime Oscar looked busy, the crowd would scream! Mayweather won the next 2 rounds as he was scoring at will. Oscar started to look a bit sloppy after he abandon his jab. Mayweather had the best punch stats as he landed more punches while throwing less. De La Hoya started to use the jab again in the 5th and 8th and won those rounds. After the 8th round, Mayweather won every other round in my opinion. He was simply dominating Oscar just as he did with Baldomir and Judah. Oscar didn't have the stamina for the final 4 rounds and he simply couldn't catch Mayweather or answer back to any of his punches. Overall it was a good fight, but it ended just how I predicted with a split-decision win for Floyd Jr. Many say it didn't live up to the firework-type of fight, but I knew how both fighters fight and this is exactly how it should have ended.

There are already talks of a rematch....