Saturday, December 23, 2006


What's Good my Dudes? I haven't been on here posting in a while, but what the hell...It's almost Christmas! I mean, now at the young age of 25, Christmas isn't as exciting as it used to be when I was once a kid. I think the reason it isn't really a big deal anymore is because I now have a well paying Job since graduating from NJIT/Rutgers and I am doing pretty good for myself...I am able to purchase things as soon as I want them without having to wait for a holidays or special occaisions. It is truly a blessing that I take for granted. Since I don't know what to tell everyone who asks me what I want for XMAS, I now see that it is giving that really makes you recieve the best gifts. I was terribly ill last week and I had to go to the Emergency Room for the first time ever. They put 2 I.V.'s in my arm and told me I had stomach flu. It is the worst feeling in the world and I wouldn't wish it upon my enemy. But even with all the goodies that I have and stuff I always tell you guys I purchased, it didn't mean anything when I was sick. I couldn't use that crap! I was bed-ridden! I guess what I am trying to say is, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and all those other holidays people celebrate)! And make sure you do some giving this month, even if you don't have a religion. Hope you guys did all of your shopping! I did mine!

In my DJ news...I have been spinning once again and I just changed the position of my setup and I just want to put these pictures here as a personal reference because I am always switching my setup and this time I think it is in a perfect Permanent Position for my style...


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Winky Wright and Jermaine Taylor Both Win Their Fights!!!

In boxing news, last week, Winky Wright took on Ike Quartey. It was a decent fight, but Winky Wright outpointed Ike in each and every way. Ike didn't stand a chance as he was naturally the smaller man and was man-handled as you can see from the picture. Its just too bad that Winky doesn't even have enough power to knock Ike out after landing power shot after power shot, but it was still a masterful performance by Winky. I am just a little disappointed that it went the full twelve rounds. He rarely got hit as is always the case with his fights but he also has a great offense in the process. Wright says he wants to fight the winner of the Oscar De Lahoya-Floyd Mayweather Jr fight next, but I really think he should go after Jermaine Taylor next....

Jermaine Taylor just retained his Middleweight titles about 5 minutes ago against Kassim Ouma. It was an interesting fight, but again the size played a big difference here as Jermaine was able to over power Kassim even when his shots were blocked. Kassim lost pretty much every round, but again, Taylor wasn't able to knock his opponent out. It was still a good performance for him and Kassim just kept coming forward and looked as if he wasn't fazed by any of the power punches thrown his way. It was a lop-sided fight, but it was still entertaining...

See you guys next time for some more boxing news!

Gears of War For XBOX 360!

Yet another game is eating up my time these days and that's Gears of War! This is the fastest selling game to come out on the XBOX 360. It is an epic War game about evil creatures coming to Earth to eradicate all humans. It is a pretty classic type of theme, but the game stands out greatly in the Gameplay department. In this game, ducking and using cover is just as important as shooting enemies. It adds a great deal of shoot-out-strategy which ultimately makes this title very unique. This game is recieving rave reviews and it also kicked Halo 2 out of the #1 XBOX LIVE (Xbox online service) game played. It is also on pace to outsell Halo 2 which is a HUGE success. They are already speaking of making 2 more sequels!
The graphics are Years ahead of its time and are the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A GAME ON ANY SYSTEM...PERIOD! If you want to know what an XBOX 360 can do, then just play this one game...You can play this game online cooperatively with your friends and take on the entire story mode with them so you don't have to do it alone...then you can simply pick up where you left off, no matter if you are playing with your friend or not...and they can also join at anytime during your campaign and visa-versa.

Rainbow Six Vegas For XBOX 360!

Rainbow Six Vegas is a New game for Xbox 360 (also coming to PS3 ) which puts you right in the middle of a terrorist situation in Las Vegas! That's right! You get to hit up the casino's as a member of an elite SWAT 3-4 person team that must go in and re-capture the casino area from the terrorists. You have to do such things as clear entire areas, defuse bombs, and rescue hostages. If you are too slow, then you will fail, and if you are too fast, then you will die! It is a greatly balanced game and a good job in the developers department. The story is great and the graphics are even better. You can fully customize your character and even scan your face into the game as I did using the Xbox Live Vision camera. It actually puts your face onto the digital head that it compiles. You also get to select weaponry, armor type, colors, and a whole bunch more. These games just get better and better. I even play with my peoples online as we kick some terrorist ass! This game is definitely eating up my Saturdays!

For More information on this game go to and search for rainbow six vegas!!!