Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend 2006!!!

Hey everybody! Today I had my first BBQ at my crib with wifey and everything was Chill! We set the grill up on the balcony overlooking the wooded area! It was hot. I think I am going to be Grillin from now till Winter!!! Anyways, we made some ribs, burgers, Chicken and hot-dogs! I am the man on the grill! Then, after a long day at work on the Barb-E, I just took it in the crib and got my spin on. Just chillin, wasting time, gettin my weight up and loving the fact that I dont have to go to work tomorrow!!! Thats what memorial day is all about!
Also, Barry Bonds Broke Babe Ruth Homerun record today, so everything is Really good!
And dont forget the troops!!! Peace...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

XBOX360 Gamer Card in Right Hand Column!

For those of you who don't know already...Xbox360 is the SHIZNIT! I serioiusly can't stop playing...especially Fight Night Round 3. Maybe I am just a boring person now, but All I do is Go to work, spin, play games, and chill with family...(those seem to be the only people I can trust these days).
But if you look on the right hand column under my pic, you will see my Xbox360 gamercard. This card tells you what games I have been playing recently and what my gamertag name is. If you are any good at fight night round 3, PGR 3, GRAW, or MotoGP, then hit me up and we can get it in!
There is also a new game that just came out that is really revolutionary. It is called Rockstar Table Tennis. It is exactly what the title suggests. TABLE TENNIS. It comes out today and is offered at $40 instead of the usual $60...I will let you guys know how it turns out, but it looks damn good!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006; The Best Resource for DJ's and Hip Hop Music!

This site has so much information its not even funny...I am very proud to be apart of this 6-man team! We have so much new music there that isn't even released yet and also have many streaming full audio interviews of top new artists like Mobb Deep and Proof from D12 (Rest in Peace). Go check it out...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oscar De La Hoya Rips Ricardo Mayorga for the Junior Middleweight Championship Belt!

Just last night, there was a comeback fight of Oscar De La Hoya (right) in which he utterly destroyed Ricardo Mayorga (left) for the Junior Middleweight Championship Belt. It wasn't even a close fight. De La Hoya had him down once in the first and a final 2 times in the 6th round. You can see the final 2 knockdowns in the link below:

After all the trash-talking that Mayorga did for the fight, you would think he was going to brutally kill De La Hoya very easily, but he just wasn't ready for this calibur of fighter.

Well, it seems that apparently Oscar De La Hoya will be fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. on September 16th later this year (although it has not yet been confirmed). That is the fight everyone wants to see! Mayweather will crush Oscar once and for all. There is another weird twist to the whole thing...Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Floyd Jr's father) is Oscar De La Hoya's Trainer! And Mayweather Jr, is coached by uncle boxer Roger Mayweather. That is very interesting. How can one man train another man to defeat his son? Very weird to me...But, Money is Money! And they are definitely going to make a lot of that!