Saturday, December 24, 2005

This is What I Have Been Doing!!

Wussup Peoplez...I told you guys in the last posts that I was going to be DJ-ing it up all day every day and this is exactly what happened. I totally devoted my time to Spinning and stopped playing PSP and XBOX360 (started playing psp again though). I am loving it and it just makes me happy to do what I love! I have been practicing scratching (turntablism) and hip hop blending, scratching, and juggling. I have my scratch practice recorded at the following site:

You have to go to the link and scroll down and click where it says the button "FREE". Then if you look towards the bottom of the screen you will see something counting down. After the countdown you will see a 3 digit code that you must type into the blank and click start download. That's it...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Just posting some pics of my cars...

Wussup peeps...I am just posting the pictures of my cars up because I need somewhere to host them for me real quick...Not showing off or anything, cuz they aren't that hot...If you wanna see the hot stuff...scroll down to the previous posts!