Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wuzzup Peoplez! A few updates for you!

Wuzzup everyone! I am up to my usual shananagains! (I know I murdered that spelling...) Anyway, I have been DJ-ing my ass off lately and I have just recieved my first official Piece of Review Gear from Numark! I recieved a brand new Numark DXM-PRO battle mixer pictured below:I must say that this mixer has surprised me very much! I didn't think this mixer was going to be this good, but it is highly recommended by me anyway....I will provide my full review soon at

As for other things I have been doing lately; It's all gaming, gaming, gaming (and watching classic DVD's). I just purchased the 3 games for XBOX360 that are pictured above. They are Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter (combat simulation), Condemned (Police Detective/horror game), and Project Gotham Racing 3 (racing simulation). Ever since I was about 4 I have been gaming, since vectrex, colecovision....I can't get it out of my system...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY (3/19/06)! Finally Reached 25!

Wussup my peoples! Thanks for checkin out my site for the past few months; and thanks if this is also your first visit! I just turned 25 about an hour and a half ago. I Still gotta keep fighting and scrapping my way up the ladders. It's pretty amazing that I made it this far. I finally moved out of my house at 24 and its been quite a journey from there. My brothers are all stepping their game up and doing their DJ thing as well. My parents are finally getting everything they deserved for years. My friends are all doing pretty well. My baby is doing the damn thing too. Well, enough with all this crazy talk....I just snapped a few pictures letting everyone know how you supposed to look in your PRIME (took these pics an hour ago on 3/19/06)! hahahaha....I just feel like I'm getting old, but I still look good! Peace! Drop me a birthday shout out on aim: kcj393

Saturday, March 18, 2006


All of the talking between Hasim Rahman and James Toney ended in a DRAW! It was the fight for one of the Heavyweight Championship Belts that belonged to Rahman. The fight was very interesting and James Toney had a stint where he couldn't miss with that whooping right hand over the top! But Rahman always kept busy even though he wasn't connecting. I didn't get a chance to go to Atlantic City as I wanted to because of undisclosed reasons. Anyway, the fight was a good close fight and I cannot be mad at the decision. Rahman threw more punches, but James Toney's punches were extremely accurate and crisp. Its funny that on 2 of the scorecards...James Toney was winning going into the 12th round! All he had to do was win one more round and he couldn't pull it out. He lost the last round on all three cards! James Toney is still the man in my book. Oh least they can make money on the rematch, and maybe James Toney will come in at 215lbs instead of 237lbs so he can win the next fight! Peace...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

MORE BOXING NEWS!!! Zab Judah Talkin Smack to Mayweather!!!

Man! I am suped! The two fights that I am ready to watch are about to finally go down! After all the time I have been waiting, they are finally almost here! This Saturday night, in Atlantic City, NJ; The biggest Heavyweight Title Fight of 2006 is going down between WBC heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman (left) and challenger James Toney (right). Of course I am going to be down in Atlantic City this weekend Because it is my BIRTHDAY! I didn't get any tickets to the fight, but on fight night in Atlantic City, all of the casino's are going to be CRAZY! I will be at the Tropicana at the roulette table... watchin the fight on a big screen (if you need to find me!) Back to the fight! I hope my boy James Toney can beat Hasim! He definitely has the skill to win. For all you guys who can't make it to Atlantic City its going to be on regular cable the same night! Go check it out! Definitely worth it.

In other Fight news...My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOXER (and usually everyone else's) Floyd "pretty-boy" Mayweather (above) is about to fight welterweight champion Zab Judah (below), who is coming off of a crushing defeat by a journeyman. They are fighting April 8th. There is one problem though...for someone who just lost 2 of their 3 belts, he sure is talking a whole lot of shit to Mayweather (the pound for pound fight king!). He just released the following statement earlier today:
"I am at the bottom of the barrel and I know how to come out," said Judah. "This is the same boat as Cory Spinks. The second time around I had to fight him in his hometown to redeem myself."....."I am fighting Floyd in Vegas at the Thomas and Mack Center, and I am going to leave him on the ground in the Thomas and Mack."
He even went on record saying,
"I am letting the media know that this will probably be the easiest fight I have ever fought." When asked to elaborate, Judah gravely said, "I am just going to use my speed and dominate."....."Floyd is my motivation," he continued. "I am starting out fast. He is going to stand and trade with me and that will be the end of him."

I can't believe he actually is saying this!!! WOW! He is going to get dealt with big time. Too bad its going to be Pay Per View on HBO...(i'll have it though!)

Monday, March 13, 2006


Wussup everybody! Some of you are asking yourself, "what the hell is he talking about with this title?" Well, New reality star Flava Flav has just ended a new reality show where 20 young women had to compete to see who would become his next new squeeze! I have been following this show since it first began and I nearly predicted everytime when someone was going to be voted off. I pretty much knew that it would be down to 2 final girls...HOOPZ and New York! Hoopz is a serious ass tom-boy chick who is very competitive, athletic, and pretty! NEW YORK is a no-frillz type of chick who doesn't take shit from people. She never made any friends in the house and was definitely in the zone and not trying to fuck with anyone! The only problem is that in my mind, I know for a fact that one of these chicks really didn't like flav....and the other
one was really in love with him.

To make a long story short, Flava Flav chose HOOPZ as the winner.

She was the prettier of the two girls, but she wasn't the one who really genuwinely loves him. For some time through the show, I even thought that the other girl New York was actually the crazy one and that she was lying when she said she loved Flav, but she was telling the truth. The way I figured it all out was when Flava Flav had the girl's mothers come to the house to meet him. New York's mom was absolutely hating Flava Flav, saying that he isn't even a man! But New York just stuck up for him sooooo much! There is no way someone could fake it so well, even to their own mother! She was sticking up for him so hard and even arguing with her mother about it! I mean screaming at her to accept Flav! I don't think a woman who doesn't really like someone (even if they are faking) could argue with their mother under false pretenses.

I concluded that New York was the Real one and that Flava Flav should have definitely picked her over HOOPZ. If you was going for straight looks, then Hoopz was probably it, but then again; there was girls in the house that looked just as good as Hoopz or if not better to me too. Oh well...
New York is still my Bitch! Fuck all the other ones! She kept it real and stood by Flav the whole time! Congrats to HOOPZ for winning, but EVERYBODY KNOWS SHE DON'T LIKE FLAVOR FLAV AND SHE IS JUST USING HIM TO FURTHER HER MODELING CAREER (see below)!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hello everyone! Besides my regular 9-5 job (that I actually still LOVE), I have taken on another venture...Everyone knows that I am a serious DJ and very serious about my art. Well, someone from a very informative DJ resource site also thinks so! I am now one of the two Official Gear Reviewers for!
My position allows me to use and review the latest DJ gear to hit the streets and post my reviews right on the site to which thousands of users belong! This is an awsome position. I get sent gear from the top Vendors such as Numark, Vestax, and Stanton just to name a few. I will be allowed 60 days to review the gear and send it back to the vendors. Please check the site to see my work, or look below for My review links!

much more reviews to come...stay tuned...

Also, In my DJ world...I was just contacted by a HUGE hip-hop Promoter in the Philly area. His events are EVERY weekend in the philly area and they are well-known. He also has a website that you can go to to see all the pictures from his weekly events. There are even of celebrities (such as Allen Iverson, Beanie Siegel, and other philly Hip-Hop Icons) who have attended his events! Here is his website:
We spoke on the phone for about 40 minutes about all sorts of stuff and we immediately clicked! He is about to set me up with one of his weekly spots...This is great news and I will let you guys know more as soon as I know more. My DJ future is certainly starting to look bright!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I am Eating My Words on This One!!!

Last night I watched a boxing match of two undefeated super-middle weight champions. Both of them had a world championship belt. This was a title unification bout between Jeff Lacy and Joe Calzaghe. Jeff lacy was the guy from the US and was undefeated with a 20-0 record before the fight. Joe Calzaghe was the world champion from Whales also undefeated with a record of 40-0. The fight was on Joe Calzaghe's turf. But I thought for sure that Jeff Lacy was going to beat this guy easily! I saw Jeff Lacy make 2 of his previous opponents look like trash! I mean, it wasn't even a contest for him!
Joe Calzaghe kicked Jeff Lacy's ASS! I mean, systematically and clinically beat the living piss out of Jeff Lacy from round 1 all the way to round 12! It is amazing that Jeff Lacy was only down in the 12th round. He was beaten to every punch and needed immediate stitches to both eyes after the fight and couldn't even appear at the post-fight presser! He Literally got whooped every round! He was bleeding from both eyes and his nose badly by round 4. Blood flying everywhere. I couldn't believe it! A total dismantling!

I predicted an easy win for Jeff Lacy and wouldhave bet all my fortunes on it even! But now I am eating my words and really giving it up to Joe Calzaghe. He showed me how great of a warrior he really is and I have to respect him. I left the fight being a true Joe Calzaghe fan! This guy is crazy. I don't think anyone wants to fight him now.